Who we are?

Flying Yogis brings the joy of yoga to children in schools across London and the UK.  
We run engaging and creative classes that are tailored to kids from the ages of 4 - 18 years old. Our classes utilise play, movement, music, breathing and relaxation to support their educational journey. We believe yoga is a fantastic tool for child development, helping nurture calmness, resilience and concentration for kids to focus in class while developing physical strength and self esteem.



Flying Yogis is committed to providing a high standard of Yoga to children in England and Great Britain. Experienced in the magic of childhood, our teachers explore yoga through stories and games. Movements are age appropriate and aid physical development, improving balance and coordination using creative play! Children learn how to use the breath as a monitor for feelings and emotions and each session always finishes with a guided relaxation.

All our teachers have Yoga Teacher Training qualifications, Enhanced DBS checks and insurance.



Yoga supports learning and emotional well-being for children at school in the following ways



We believe building children’s self esteem to be a fundamental part of yoga. Yoga can teach children to persevere, be patient and believe in themselves. Most physical activity within schools is in the form of competitive sports. While these can be great for children’s development and highly enjoyable, we believe physical activity without the motive of competition, serves children in a unique and valuable way.


Breathing exercises are a core component of any yoga class. Learning simple breathing techniques and mindfulness tools, children can use breath outside of the sessions to regulate their emotions, promote better sleep and feel calmer overall.



As children’s bodies are already limber and agile, Kids Yoga focuses on the building of strength and body awareness. With children spending greater periods of time sitting at desks or in front of screens, yoga can help create a healthy connection to the body, balance and coordination.


Balance is a fundamental element of yoga. The act of practicing poses teaches children to bring their entire focus to a single activity. Strengthening minds through a yoga practice this way can benefit both their studies and achieving personal goals. When they lose balance they are simply encouraged to try again, without judging themselves as having failed. By simply trying, they are succeeding.



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